A New ASEAN Heritage Garden in Vietnam

Sunday - 21/05/2017 16:49
The ASEAN Foundation officially recognized Bai Tu Long National Park in Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province as the 38th ASEAN Heritage Park. The award ceremony of the ASEAN Heritage Garden for Bai Tu Long National Park will be held on May 19th by Quang Ninh province.
A New ASEAN Heritage Garden in Vietnam

Bai Tu Long National Park has a total area of 15,783 hectares, including the sea and floating islands, creating a complex population of unique ecosystems of the national park system in Vietnam as well as in the world. Some ecosystems are quite intact such as mountain ecosystems, limestone karst ecosystems, calcareous ecosystems, marine ecosystems, mangrove ecosystems, and reef ecosystems. These ecosystems are the home of 2,235 rare and endemic fauna and flora species. Especially, this is the only living place of the yellow deer populations in northeastern Vietnam.

The park has 100ha of mangroves distributed in the spots: Cai Quyt Region, Lo Ho Region, Soi Nhu Region, O Lon Region, Cai De valley, Cai Lim valley. A mangrove population of about 100 years is being formed and many of the plants are only seen in Bai Tu Long National Park. The vegetation system under muddy bottom has about 10 ha of seagrass beds scattered in many places, which are home to endangered species such as dugongs, sea turtles.

In particular, the park's coral ecosystem is considered to be the most diverse on the planet, considered “tropical rainforest”. Researchers at Bai Tu Long National Park have identified 106 species of hard coral belonging to 34 genera of 12 families. This is the common roof, which provides food for many marine species.

Author: www.monre.gov.vn

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