Call for Sessions!

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Call for Sessions!

The Goldschmidt conference is the most important forum for the discussion of recent results in geochemistry and related fields. The science committee has identified the key theme areas and the whole community is invited to make suggestions for sessions.

Currently there are no sessions listed for any theme, we are asking the community to suggest sessions across the whole of each theme so that the theme chairs can take these building blocks and create a completed session list for their theme filling in any gaps which remain and merging similar sessions which would be stronger as a single unit.

Any suggested sessions you might propose must be broad enough to attract at least 25 abstract submissions, and the approval of all proposed organisers should be confirmed before your proposal is submitted. Do not invite keynote speakers at this stage. Sessions can only be submitted through the website using the button below.

The details you submit will be visible to the community and chairs immediately so we encourage you to submit early to establish the topics which are already covered.

If you have any questions about the suitability or overlap of your proposed session with existing sessions, please contact the appropriate theme leaders (whose details are available on the conference website).

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